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At Remap Online Pty Ltd, we take pride in every single brand that we work with. From large scale companies, to small and medium size business, we work with a wide range of clients and launch them on the path to success. We enjoy working with each different client and we want to show off our work. Check out our portfolio!



Global Social Media Strategy for the Jumeriah Group

Social should be viewed as an integral part of your Customer Journey. Its role in a multi-touch user acquisition & e-commerce model should be clearly defined, and its contribution should be tracked and credited accordingly.

With all the tools social media platforms now offer, marketers can rely on this investment to deliver more specific, measurable results. Additionally, social media marketing is a strong compliment to email marketing, search engine optimisation and other direct marketing campaigns.

While most brands initial social media efforts were focused primarily on brand awareness, or "engagement" (ie: vanity metrics such as gaining likes or shares of their content), a more evolved digital marketing strategy should see brands embrace Social with a more commercial focus, such as an online marketing activity that is results driven and seeks to increase conversions.

Social should not only let you tell your brands story through compelling formats, it should connect you with audiences and consumers who are ready to buy your products and services, today.

The opportunity for a brand to use social for a more direct commercial gain requires a shift in tactics, from engagement, to a more direct response model that will better serve its e-commerce efforts. 

We were engaged by the Jumeriah Group to create their global social media strategy. And whilst we can't lay that strategy out here for you to see (for obvious reasons), we can talk about our approach, and the approach of the client. That is to say that from Jumeriah's vantage point, they had an acute need to develop and maintain trusted relationships with an independent digital marketing agency who is well versed in social, and agile enough to stay ahead of the relentless pace of innovation coming from the platforms and technology eco-system.

We offered Jumeriah a complete partnership solution to help them embrace this new frontier with confidence, and to show them how to achieve commercial success. 

We know that adding to the complexity of how consumers decide what to buy, is that their choices are increasingly influenced by the people they choose to connect with and interact with online.

And with the 'trust gap' between corporations and consumers only expanding, the opportunity remains for marketers to bridge this gap by establishing trust through the voices of customers like them and who they aspire to be, in the pivotal moments when consumers seek out branded content (such as social recommendations or ratings and reviews), in order to reinforce, justify, and rationalise their purchase decisions.

The challenge we uncovered for them is ...how do they disperse their communications and still maintain control? How do you fuel distributed, peer-based trust among consumers?

Customers interact with a company through many, many, channels - multiple websites, mobile apps, CRM systems, contact centre's, and partners stores (travel agencies, etc.). But customers don’t think in terms of channels, the just think about the company they interact with as a single entity, and they expect those channels to feel unified.

The secret is to embed influencer marketing and customer relations into select touch-points across their Customer Journey Map. It’s no longer enough to simply engage with influencers, you need to have a program that maps that back against a strategy. And works cohesively to manage each and every touch point and unify the brand.

We believe that brands today can truly benefit from a partnership with an independent digital marketing agency with whom they can partner. That agency can plug into their marketing machine, to provide them with a content engine, who can connect with their target audience, is customer centric, and can also create and manage distribution partnerships, and who has the skills and experience to integrate the brand and unify the CX.

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Complete overhaul of Surfing Australia's ICT framework

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC), was looking to revamp its Digital Master Strategy for “Tier 2” sports.

T2 sports as defined by the ASC are those that have a large participation base, but do not have significant FTA TV broadcast deals to monetise the National Sporting Organisation (NSO). (ie: T1 are NRL, AFL, etc).

The ASC saw the opportunity to use digital channels & modern ad-tech to monetise these sports.

We competed in an open tender to completely overhaul the Information Communication & Technology (ICT) plan for Surfing in Australia. We won the pitch, developed the strategy, and implemented the design.

The strategy was essentially data driven, and consisted of a series of digital assets, (to be developed across both web and app environments), all targeting a different sub-section of the target audience, (and with different business models behind them, ie: AVOD or SVOD) but every asset feeds into the one central database that we called “The Barrel”.

This has provided real and measurable results for Surfing Australia, allowing them to profile their customers, increase conversions, and use content to support their broader email marketing and social media marketing initiatives.

See some of the web design that we created from the digital marketing strategy here:






Execution of Dubai Tourism's Global Content Production Requirements

Dubai Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM) is the peak tourism body for the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Their main digital asset www.visitdubai.com gets millions of hits per day, and is the official web destination for the city of Dubai.

DTCM were looking for an agency partner, to help them with their significant content requirements. We were engaged as an independent digital marketing agency based in Sydney to manage their content and online marketing requirements, globally.

We created an award winning team, based out of Sydney Australia, who could operate with their own unique production model to deliver on DTCM's digital marketing strategy, and increase conversions (eg: visitation by tourists to Dubai).

The strategy & operational model tapped into a global network of contributors & influencers. We leveraged the research & audience insights teams that Bauer had in key global markets for Dubai (UK, Germany, AU, etc) and developed a content strategy and content production process that single handedly delivered all of the content for www.visitdubai.com across both B2C and B2B initiatives.

Our team cost effectively produced the content for DTCM year round, managed the entire content budget (globally) and mapped each and every piece to 11 x different brand pillars, across 12 x different languages and for 18 x different global markets. And most importantly we ensured that each piece was hand crafted with search engine optimisation and social media marketing in mind, and that it aligned and supported the larger above the line marketing campaigns in the DTCM calendar.

See our work here:


And ability to work with great talent here.


Telstra Smarter Business

For small business owners, Telstra understands that their business is everything to them. It’s their purpose, it’s what gets them up in the morning and what keeps them up at night.

Believe us we get it too! Which is why Telstra hired us to put together a team of business and technology journalists, editors, influencers & social media marketers to help Australia’s community of SME’s, access the technology and know-how they need to work smarter, and get ahead of the competition, to grow their business and, most importantly, keep their customers happy.

Telstra’s Smarter Business platform was created to simultaneously bring well-researched, high-quality and award winning content to business owners, whilst at the same time providing Telstra with a sophisticated digital marketing strategy and lead generation model that is designed to increase the conversion rate of their sales teams.

Our team started off just doing the content strategy and production for this project, and after a while it became clear that the paid search, and social media marketing, needed to be part of that process. What to say, and who to say it too, when, where, how and why + (importantly) how to respond when the audience is engaged in a conversation with the brand is all part of the same online marketing effort.

That’s the reality of todays brand communications environment – you no longer get a one-way (we say, you listen) broadcast model. Online, its two way conversations where your audience has about as much power to amplify their message as you do yours.

Once our team picked up the management of the Paid, Earned and Owned audience development process for Telstra’s Smarter Business, we grew the program 300% in the first quarter alone.

Our team worked across the development of data segments, use of content engagement to create look a like audiences and support retargeting campaigns that were highly effective at driving conversion.

See our work here:



Marketing Automation and Lead Generation leverage Customer Data at its core

The end product of any Marketing Automation or Lead Generation process is only as good as the Customer Data that sits at its core.

Technology has advanced so quickly, that a lot of marketer’s today aren’t up to speed with how to be data driven, and how to apply customer intelligence at a user level. Instead, they are usually more familiar with using general business intelligence (BI) data to report and forecast at an audience or segment level.

But there’s a real difference between being forward thinking, or simply retrospective. For example, knowing how many people purchased what, how many times, and for how much, is one thing, but being able to predict when a specific user is about to make a purchase is another.

If your business could forecast such a thing, and you also had the capability to proposition those users with a personalised offer, through a channel you own, in real time, then that capability could end up changing your entire approach to online marketing.

Predictive intelligence is extremely useful, efficient and highly cost effective when partnered with the right email marketing software, and CRM strategy.

We've developed large scale marketing automation processes for some of Australia’s largest publishers (Bauer Media, Yahoo! Inc), that exceeded our expectations when they were implemented.

We harnessed a combination of intelligent agents, social media marketing, content personalisation, along the publisher's own first party data / subscriber lists, to engage at a user level and be able to understand and predict specific customer actions.

A simple example: a cohort of customers new to a brand may behave very differently than a cohort of high-spending, loyal customers. So by being able to know which ones are which, you can really power up a brands digital marketing strategy using this kind of personalisation.

Being able to fire specific messaging at specific users, only once they’ve demonstrated specific behaviours, is extremely powerful, but leaps in technology now means that this capability is no longer the special realm of large-scale publishers. Instead, it’s available very cost effectively to almost any brand as a way to increase their conversion rate.

Contact Us today to find out how our Digital Marketing Agency can get Predictive Intelligence implemented in your business to create real, measurable results.


Using content to create a premium experience for Myer One members

Globally, there is a trend that all brands need to combat, as there is a constantly eroding and underlying weakness in “brand trust”. This underlying weakness provides new fertile ground from which disruptive companies can grow. 

New digital centric businesses like Amazon, tend to have a fanatical obsession with their Customer Experience (CX) in order to increase conversions. They use content, technology and design to embed ‘trust’ with the user at every touchpoint. They have less focus on trying to “sell” the consumer with traditional media advertising, and instead they invest heavily in things like search engine optimisation, Google Adwords campaigns, and Social Media Marketing, along with expertise in web design, and email marketing to constantly improve their CX, which is invariably mobile focused, and “Always On”.

These relationship based newcomers are out to disrupt traditional ‘product based’ companies. And it will be those brands that can create real lasting & intimate relationships with their individual customers who will reap the rewards.

For companies such as Myer (which for the purposes of this article can be viewed as a traditional product based, bricks and mortar retailer) they understand this challenge, but have yet to execute anything really effective to combat the rise of Amazon.

Richard Umbers (former CEO of Myer) was quoted saying "80% of all transactions at Myer come from Myer One members". They know that if they are to compete with the likes of Amazon moving forward, they need to protect their existing customer base first and foremost by elevating and differentiating their CX. Whilst they previously had created a premium content service called "Emporium" to bolster the perceived value of their loyalty programme Myer One. It was tied up in the print magazine channel only, and as a content initiative the brand failed to embrace is as part of their digital marketing strategy. Largely due to their own internal cultural, and operational issues.

However, if Emporium were repositioned as an online marketing initiative, using their award winning content, and delivered free of charge through the Myer One App, it would instead represent a way of not only adding significant value to the loyalty program from the users perspective, but it would also show real measurable results with their App strategy by increasing both user retention, and frequency of use. Plus the data you could drive via the users engagement with content in an App environment, would be extremely insightful, and you could even build an attribution model to determine the ROI of the content in terms of its impact on sales.

When you combine content, UX design, and technology the results almost always tend to exceed expectations in areas such as conversion rate. However, when content is a siloed initiative, stuck in only one channel, you limit the ROI you can get from it.


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