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Creative, Content

& Commerce

We build brands and transform businesses.

Over 15 years international experience with integrated creative production, digital marketing communications, and full service ecommerce solutions.

Why Us?

Because the path to purchase has changed, and the role of brands along with it. The 100 year old "Sales Funnel" is no longer a model for today's complex, internet savvy customer.

More and more, customers are forming their decision, and making their purchase, online.

Brands need to act now, and remap this new customer pathway


It all starts with having the right Digital and Content Strategy.

After all, ...a goal without a plan is just a wish.

But no matter how good your strategy is, it will never drive a result for your business unless it is implemented, and executed on brilliantly. 


World Class thinking and execution.

That's who we are, and what we do. 

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REMAP ONLINE is an independent digital & content marketing agency focussed on Creative, Content and Commerce. We build brands, and transform businesses.


We have worked with many high profile / multinational brands, and a range of SME’s.

Find out more about our Services  and see our Case Studies;

Clients Past & Present:

Head of Marketing

Odette Carney

GE Healthcare

"The Remap team delivered our Inbound Marketing Strategy, to give us marketing automation capabilities that connect to our CRM."

Head of Strategic Comms

David Alexander

Westpac Wire

"We wanted to build a news hub for insights and opinions on banking, economic and community issues. 12 months on, we can say that Remap's Strategy was bang on."


Andrew Stark

Surfing Australia 

"Remap's Digital Master Strategy for Surfing in Australia was backed by the ASC, this model has now become the template for all Tier 2 sports in AU."

GM Marketing

Teena Wooldridge

Telstra Smarter Business


"The Remap team led our Digital & Content Strategy for the Smarter Business platform. Building a team of journalists, editors and influencers that have made an impact"

Head of Digital Marketing

Kylie Curtis

Weight Watchers (WW)

"We needed to reconnect with a younger audience, the Remap team wrote a new Content Strategy that really helped us change"

Group Director of Brand

Charlie Taylor

Jumeriah Resorts

"We didn't have a Social Media Strategy for Jumeirah. Remap created a "Playbook" for Social governance and that us guidelines to work across global markets."


We're an Agency with a difference. We get digital, and we get content, and it's that mix, of content and technology that leaves our clients saying that we're "right in the pocket" for what they need today. 

Our focus is on helping our Client's grow their business by increasing sales. We strive to help you find the right digital marketing model, and approach to support e-commerce.

We are a culture of thinkers and makers who have been bringing our clients’ ideas into existence since we started. Our business works closely with each of our clients, we understand customer experience and we always produce real, measurable results.

We live in that space where content and technology collide, and we use that expertise to helps our clients bring it all together, under one roof. And it's that seamless, easy to manage, end to end approach, that lets our clients actually enjoy working with us.

See our Case Studies to learn more.


Our business is focussed on Creative, Content and Commerce. We help brands, big and small, old and new, embrace the future of marketing. We're led by digital and content strategy, and we're results driven.

See the services we offer below, or get in touch and chat to us about your Digital & Content Strategy for FREE


We've worked with many brands, big and small, across the globe. And we offer you access to all of that knowledge and experience, to help your business grow.

Euphoric friends watching videos on a sm

Brands need to build Digital Experiences that engage & captivate. UX Design runs much deeper than a wireframe sketch. How well do you know your customers?


We're able to tell incremental elements of your brand story, across multiple media channels.

Rock Concert Audience Cheering

We offer turn key, professional management across all of your Paid & Organic, Search, Social & Direct communications channels.

Confetti Storm

Customer Data fuels Marketing Science & Predictive Intelligence. Learn how we can apply it your business, big or small.

Small business owner taking stock

Having a focus on Customer Experience is central to the success of any Loyalty program. You need to build trust at every touchpoint. Find out how we can increase customer retention in your business.


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